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Present this letter to your entity: NCOei Public Official Acceptance Request Letter for Certified Court Ordered Rehabilitation Education for Use in Court Probation Parole 11172021.pdf

Not all courts are equal in their mode of acceptability when it comes to court ordered rehabilitation education for court or probation. Present the above letter to your entity.


 NCOei and Affiliates provide certified court ordered rehabilitation education services such as ecourses, ecoaching programs and coaching sessions certified for use in court or probation, nationwide. The NCOei Advisory Board of Licensed and Certified Physical and Mental Health Professionals confirms the psychoeducational content of--A.I.R., NCOei, C.O.R.E., OPENDOORS.THINKIFIC, C.H.I.L.D. AND F/A TI- as certified court ordered rehabilitation education (C.O.R.E.)

Court/Probation/Parole Education Services

Certified Court Documentation Included

  • 100% Online eCourses

    eCourses, listed within the categories are 100% online and include a proof of enrollment and certificate of accomplishment. All progress is tracked.

  • Hybrid ePrograms

    Live ePrograms contain online content, live coaching and include enrollment proof, certificate of accomplishment and coaching session letter.

  • Certified Coaching Sessions

    Personal/group live coaching is available by appointment: email Enrollment proof, certified coaching session letter.

What exactly is a Decision Making, Impulse Control Course?

Conation. • A term derived from the philosopher Rene DeCartes to describe the point where body, mind and spirit are aligned in decision making. Reconation refers to altering the process of how decisions are made.

Altering decision making and changing behavior begins with thought, but it doesn't stop with thought because before there is thought, there is environment and exposure to that environment. So often we make the devastating mistake of committing our lives and our time to meaningless activities – and these activities shape our decision making and our impulse control. Everyone wants something more out of life, but maybe aren't sure what it is . . .maybe they've tried to make changes in the past, without success . . .they may keep experiencing the same setbacks and don't know why or they have a specific goal, but don’t know how to reach it . . .these are the core dilemmas that NCOei eCourses are designed to explore, guiding students to the online masters, teachers and speakers who specialize in teaching anyone how to accomplish anything they seriously want and help others do the same—because our success lies in our ability to provide a great service that will attract a great pay. NCOei course content is designed to help students discover the simple ways to transform their health, economics, self-concept, self-esteem and gain compassion, enthusiasm and a new direction in life.   The world is your sandbox — create what you want! Take an NCOei eCourse if this interests you and you want to learn more...

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Rehabilitation Impact Education eServices

100% Online eCourses and Hybrid ePrograms eCourses contain 100% online content. ePrograms are also available by appointment only and contain online content and certified eCoaching or eCounseling sessions which are purchased separately for a fee of $50 per 1-hour session (paid directly to the NCOei coach). The eProgram includes enrollment proof and one certified coaching session letter. Call 936-444-7508 to schedule an eProgram.

NCOei is a Certified Court / Probation eServices Provider

While NCOei rehabilitation impact education is used by students nationwide and internationally, please check consistency with local laws before using NCOei to meet your entity's requirements.

New eCourse Features:

Can I preview the course before I purchase? How is payment made? Can a student's progress be tracked? How does the student receive the enrollment proof and certificate? What does the EQ score mean??

To preview, enroll in a free 1-hour NCOei eCourse. Click on any course to see the landing page, overview and curriculum. Students enroll by creating an account and can pay with a pre-paid credit card. Students have an account dashboard accessible via email and password. STUDENT ACCOUNT DASHBOARD contains all course documents: enrollment status, progress, completion status & completion certificates. While progress is monitored, there are MANY videos in excess and so you may skip videos. All activity is accumulated and rated as a score upon completion. You must achieve a 70% activity rate to score: EQ::GOOD. There are EQ Comprehension Quizzes which only add to your total score (activity rate). Activity rate monitoring is accomplished by Hotjar.


#1-NCOei provides the best education for court-not the most expensive. #2-NCOei provides student enrollment support via text. #3-Student's create a secure account to safely store all course docs. #4. POs can track student's progress using the student's email and password. #5-POs can access student completion certificates directly.

NCOei Content "Sneak Peak"

NCOei content consists of the most modern and up-to-date mental health and wellness material

Learn how to master your EQ and take control of your life experience through what NCOei refers to as "rehabilitation impact education." 

Meet the Founders

Val and Jeve are revolutionizing court ordered education by providing quality education at affordable tuition fees in English and in full Spanish language.

NCOei Powered by THINKIFIC

NCOei National Court Ordered Education Institute, LLC is an American online education certification company from which students can access certified ecourses containing online rehabilitation and mental health resources including educational websites, talks, presentations and lectures pre-recorded by experts in various legal, mental health and rehabilitation fields. 

DISCLAIMER Students receive proof of enrollment, progress reports and a certificate of completion.  The information contained in the courses of this site are only intended to be used as certified awareness education of which all references are available free online. Any specific professional advice such as legal, medical, mental health or otherwise must be obtained by an actual licensed or certified professional of your choice.

FOUNDERS The concept for affordable certified court ordered rehabilitation educational eCourses and ePrograms was conceived by Valerie Catt Joglar, MA, CMMHC and Daniel Antonio Joglar in 2013 after Daniel was cited and ordered to take anger management online and decision making face-to-face because of a food fight in high school. 

NCOei GLOBAL INTEGRITY eCOURSES It is the mission of NCOei to offer affordable and quality rehabilitation education that provides hope, inspiration, support and encouragement to follow the path of Integrity, to the best of your ability and in every given moment to become the best version of you. Questions? Email us at