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Take this 100% online course if you were ordered by a Judge or Court Official to enroll in rehabilitation education. This course includes a proof of enrollment and a certificate of completion. 

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Certified Rehabilitation Impact Education Coach

Valerie has been involved in rehabilitation education since 2013

Health Psychologist

Valerie Catt Joglar

Valerie Catt is a certified master mental health psychologist and a rehabilitation impact education coach with an advanced degree certificate in health and wellness coaching and rehabilitation education. Val has been creating online course curriculum since 2012 and has extensive experience in court mandated education services including elearning courses and impact coaching curriculum.

eCourse Curriculum

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  • 1

    Chapter 1: Anger, Bullying/Cyber-bullying, Harassment and Abuse Awareness and Education


    • (09:38) How Do I Know If I Have Anger Management Problems? by Live On Purpose TV

    • (08:42) Internal Arson - An Amazing Use For Anger (A Self Growth Exercise) by Teal Swan

    • (18:51) Seneca - How To Control Your Anger (Stoicism) by Philosophies for Life

    • (05:30) Ways to Stop Bullying by watchwellcast

    • (17:52) How To Deal With Bullies (Emotionally) by Noah Elkrief

    • (05:07) How to Beat Cyberbullies by watchwellcast

    • (03:33) How to Deal with Bullies: A Simple Solution by GabrielKundalini

    • (01:28) Jordan Peterson 2018. How to deal with bullies

  • 2

    Chapter 2: Assault and Battery Charges- Legal Definitions

    • Assault, Battery, and Aggravated Assault The crimes of assault, assault and battery, and aggravated assault carry different definitions and punishments.

    • Felony Assault & Battery Laws and Penalties: The crime of battery is the intentional touching of another in an angry manner, or the intentional use of force or violence against another. Grabbing someone’s arm, pushing or punching a person or strik

    • Assault and Battery Overview: The definitions for assault vary from state-to-state, but assault is often defined as an attempt to injure to someone else, and in some circumstances can include threats or threatening behavior against others.

    • (11:26) Civil vs. Criminal Assault & Battery explained by Attorney Steve® by Steve Vondran

    • (02:15) Assault and Battery - Tort Law by The Business Professor

    • (02:51) Difference Between Assault & Battery by The Nieves Law Firm, APC

    • (04:24) Assault and Battery Lawyer - Self Defense by Boria Law

    • (04:34) Three Depositions Tips for Your Assault and Battery Case by Arkady Itkin

    • (03:24) What is Assault and Battery in Illinois Criminal Law? A Chicago area defense lawyer explains by Fagan, Fagan & Davis

    • (01:39) What is the difference between aggravated assault & aggravated battery? by Frye Law Group, LLC

    • (21:10) Non-fatal offences part 1: Assault and battery by Sarah Harwood

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Criminal Pre-Trial Proceedings - Part 1

    • Criminal Trial Procedures: An Overview Most criminal trials follow a uniform set of procedures. Here's a step-by-step guide to the process.

    • Criminal Trial Overview: In a criminal trial, a jury examines the evidence to decide whether, "beyond a reasonable doubt," the defendant committed the crime in question.

    • Criminal Cases Only the government initiates a criminal case, usually through the U.S. attorney’s office, in coordination with a law enforcement agency. Allegations of criminal behavior should be brought to the local police, the FBI...

    • (39:57) Example From Mar 20, 2010: Criminal Pre-Trial Proceedings - Part 1

  • 4

    Chapter 4: Anger, Bullying/Cyberbullying, Harassment and Abuse Prevention Techniques


    • (04:17) Anger Management Techniques by Ralph Smart, Psychologist, Criminologist

    • (13:08) Release Your Anger! How I Got Emotional Intelligence Wrong by Charisma on Command

    • (04:09) Anger Management Techniques by watchwellcast

    • (19:08) How To Control Anger - The Shocking Truth Behind Your Anger Problems by

    • (42:05) How To Control Anger - Part 2 - Understanding Evil To Death by

    • CH 2 QUIZ: Anger Management, Bullying, Cyber-bullying

  • 5

    Chapter 5: Healing Anger Through Awareness, Courage and Compassion


    • (13:00) Russell Kolts: Anger, Compassion And What It Means To Be Strong

    • (12:40) Nicole Lafavour: Fear, Anger and How to Counter the Manipulation of the Human Mind TEDX

    • (12:53) Ralph Smart: How to Forgive Yourself and Be Self Compassionate

    • (27:56) Teal Swan: How To Deal With Anger

  • 6

    Chapter 6: Analyzing Anger: Knowledge is Power


    • (17:27) Ralph Smart: How To Control Anger

    • (17:38) How to Process Anger and How to Set Your Personal Boundaries by Teal Swan

    • (21:28) Teal Swan: How To Let Go of a Coping Mechanism

    • (10:42) Dr. Christian Konte: The 5 Keys To Controlling Anger

    • CH 4 QUIZ: Anger Management Bullying Cyberbullying

  • 7

    Chapter 7: Anger and Bullying- a Self-love/hate Relationship


    • (10:30) Teal Swan: Self Hate (The Most Dangerous Coping Mechanism)

    • (15:23) Hatred (the secret cause of hate) - Teal Swan

    • (20:19) Fragmentation (The Worldwide Disease) - Teal Swan

    • (04:48) Self-Hatred & Anxiety by The School of Life

    • (05:07) Stop Hating Yourself | Russell Brand

    • (04:09) Bashar :: Shedding New Light on Negative Beliefs – Highlights

  • 8

    Chapter 8: Understanding the Concept of Personal Boundaries and Limitations


    • (17:47) Every Struggle Every Pain by Tyrese Gibson

    • (20:57) Personal Boundaries vs. Oneness (How to Develop Healthy Boundaries) - Teal Swan

    • (16:35) I Can Have Me and I Can Have You Too - Teal Swan –

    • (06:10) 5 Reasons To Set Healthy Boundaries with Toxic People by Psych2Go

  • 9

    Chapter 9: Impulse Control and Mindfulness


    • (10:18) How To Master & Control Your Emotions by Ralph Smart

    • (22:09) Self Control - How To Develop Self-Control To Create An Amazing Life by Leo Gura

    • (22:09) How To Master & Control Your Emotions by Leo Gura

    • (02:43) Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation by Happify

    • (02:21) How Mindfulness Empowers Us: A Narration by Happify

  • 10

    Chapter 10: Philosophy of Impulse Control


    • (12:55) Marcus Aurelius – How To Build Self Discipline (Stoicism) by Philosophies for Life

    • (14:16) Epictetus - LIFE CHANGING Quotes – STOICISM by Everyday Stoic

    • (10:17) PLATO - Incredible Life Changing Quotes [Stoicism] Part 1 by Everyday Stoic

    • (04:42) 4 Lessons On Self Discipline From Stoic Philosophers by Therealizedman

    • (13:28) Jordan Peterson: Overcoming self-defeating behaviors

    • (13:00) Alan Watts - The limits of self-control by Always in the Now

  • 11

    Chapter 11: Decision Making and Meditation


    • (16:50) How to Recognize You're Making Decisions With Your Ego by Ralph Smart


    • (44:13) The Challenges Of Making Bold Life Changes by Leo

    • (29:57) Neville Goddard on How To Meditate Narrated by Brian Scott

  • 12

    Chapter 12: Philosophy of Decision Making


    • (03:15) Who Was Socrates? – 8-Bit Philosophy by Wisecrack

    • (20:17) Socrates: Question Everything by Biographics

    • (12:30) Game Theory - The Pinnacle of Decision Making by the Quintisential Mind

    • (23:05) Uncertainty (How to Deal with Uncertainty) - Teal Swan

    • (09:48) Game Theory: The Science of Decision-Making by SciShow

    • (06:22) How to Make a Decision by The School of Life

  • 13

    Chapter 13: Behavior Modification and Psychology


    • (12:26) How to Become More Disciplined (SELF DISCIPLINE) Master Self Control by Ralph Smart

    • (23:22) How to Stop Expecting The Worst (Catastrophizing) -Teal Swan

    • (10:21) How to Change Your Negative Associations Using Mind Conditioning - Teal Swan

    • (29:36) Learning=Behavior Change by Leo Gura

  • 14

    Chapter 14: Philosophy of Behavior Modification


    • (05:54) Plato's Crito: Socrates' 3 Rules for Ethical Thinking by The Philosophical Life

    • (10:06) Napoleon Hill - Setting Goals, Behavior Change by Matt Zavadil

    • (05:24) PHILOSOPHY – Epicurus by The School of Life

    • (10:27) Marcus Aurelius: Meditations (Animated) by Eudaimonia

    • (42:00) Marcus Aurelius-Best Lecture on Stoicism EVER! (full Virtual University lesson) by Dual by Nature

  • 15

    Chapter 15: The Conscious, Sub-conscious and Super-conscious Mind


    • (18:17) The Subconscious Mind How To Program It For Success with Bob Proctor by Law of Attraction Channel

    • (17:07) Understanding the Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious Mind by Conscious Reality Creator

    • (11:25) 13 Spooky Facts About Your Subconscious Mind by TopThink

    • (59:00) Bruce Lipton - Biology of Belief @ UPLIFT 2012 by Uplift

  • 16

    Chapter 16: Life Skills Enrichment and Success Consciousness

    • (59:00) Napoleon Hill The Five Essentials Of Success by Brian Scott

    • (16:52) Bob Proctor - Why Is Success Slipping Through Your Fingers by the SGR Program Bob Proctor

  • 17

    Chapter 17: Soft Life Skills and Creating Valuable Habits

    • CH17 Soft Life Skills Creating Valuable Habits.pdf

    • (01:52) Hard Skills vs Soft Skills by

    • (06:23) 10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!

    • (01:52) Hard skills vs Human skills by Simon Sinek

    • (06:45) Your Mental Faculties l Bob Proctor by Proctor Gallagher Institute

    • (40:44) Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich Condensed and Narrated by Earl Nightingale

    • (05:02) The Art Of Closing Sales by Dan Lok

  • 18

    Chapter 18: Hard Life Skills and Technical Trades

    • CH18 Hard Life Skills Sales and Marketing.pdf

    • (47:02) How To Master The Art Of Selling Anything Tom Hopkins by Great Automotive Sales Trainers

    • (22:12) "MASTER the Art of SELLING!" | Mark Cuban (@mcuban) | Top 10 Rules by Evan Charmichael

  • 19

    Chapter 19: Health/Life Coaching Soft and Hard Life Skills

    • CH19 Health Coaching Soft and Hard Skills.pdf

    • (16:39) How to Become a Life Coach + Start a Profitable Coaching Business from Scratch by Abiola Abrams

    • (12:17) How To Become A Life Coach - Every Part of the Process Revealed in Detail by Leo Gura

    • (04:00) What Do I Think About Life Coaches? by Kati Morton

    • (20:37) How To Become A Life Coach by Project Life Mastery

    • (15:59) Life Coaching with Bob Proctor by Proctor Gallagher Institute

  • 20

    Chapter 20: Mindfulness Meditation Health and Wellbeing

    • CH20 Mindfulness Meditation Health and Wellbeing.pdf

    • (17:40) How To Mindfulness Meditate | WARNING - Get Ready To Fly by Ralph Smart, Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (16:22) How to Meditate Even if You're a Beginner | Powerful by Ralph Smart, Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (08:43) Connecting With and Healing Your Heart (Heart Meditation) - Teal Swan

    • Mindfulness Meditation - A Complete Guide With Techniques & Examples by Leo Gura

  • 21

    Chapter 21: Authentic Communication Skills and Self Expression

    • CH21 Authentic Communication Skills.pdf

    • (19:48) Communication Skills - The 6 Keys Of Powerful Communication by Leo Gura

    • (18:29) Self Expression - How To Express Yourself & Find Your Authentic Creative Voice by Leo Gura

    • (25:12) How to Stop Being Shy (Communicate with Confidence) | Ralph Smart by Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (11:48) 10 Simple Ways to Be You (AUTHENTIC Guide) by Ralph Smart by Infinite Waters (diving deep)

  • 22

    Chapter 22: Integrity and Behavior Modification

    • CH22 Integrity and Behavior Modification.pdf

    • (14:17) Integrity (What Is Integrity and How To Build Integrity) - Teal Swan

    • (17:10) How To Be Authentic - Teal Swan -

    • (15:53) How to Be Your Raw Authentic Self by Ralph Smart @Infinite Waters (divingdeep)

    • (05:57) Bashar :: Think Outside the Box - Highlights by Bashar Channeled by Daryl Anka

    • (01:46) ELAN Explains 'Integrity' by The Impersonal Life

    • (01:59) Dr. Jordan B Peterson - Exercise for Authenticity and Integrity by AynRandHero

    • (21:14) Alan Watts - Be Honest With Yourself by Lectures Beyond Beyond

  • 23

    Chapter 23: The Physics of Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions

    • CH23 The Physics of Thoughts Beliefs and Emotions.pdf

    • (01:00:00) Bruce Lipton - Biology of Belief @ UPLIFT 2012 by Uplift

  • 24

    Chapter 24: The Laws of Physics: Vibration, Frequency and Attraction

    • CH24 The Laws of Physics Vibration Frequency and Attraction.pdf

    • (05:12) DR. QUANTUM - DOUBLE SLIT EXPERIMENT by Angel Art

    • (02:26) Basic laws of physics - (Science) by ThreeOutOfTwo

    • (09:07) Double Slit Experiment explained! by Jim Al-Khalili by The Royal Institution

    • (43:00) Fundamentals of Physics: Crash Course by Introbooks Education

    • (12:33) Universal Laws: Dive Deeper | Bob Proctor by Proctor Gallagher Institute


  • 25

    Chapter 25: Analyzing How Thoughts Create Emotions Which Drive Behaviors

    • CH25 Analyzing How Thoughts Create Emotions Which Drive Behaviors.pdf

    • (33:16) How to Form a New Habit for a Better Life | Ralph Smart by Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (10:18) How To Master & Control Your Emotions, Ralph Smart by Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (08:47) Negative Thoughts Are Good! - Teal Swan - by

    • (08:09) Positively Embrace Your Negative Emotions - Teal Swan

    • (04:48) Jordan Peterson, Clinical Psychologist - Advice for Regulating Emotions

    • (10:01) There Are No Wrong Feelings - Alan Watts by True Meaning

  • 26

    Chapter 26: Analyzing Fear and Anxiety- Is Fear Just an Illusion?

    • CH26 Analyzing Fear and Anxiety Is Fear Just An Illusion.pdf

    • (05:53) How To Beat Fear And Anxiety | Jordan Peterson | Powerful Life Advice -Channel: Word to the Wise

    • (28:17) How to Overcome Any Fear (According To A Psychologist) Ralph Smart by Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (14:12) How to Overcome Subconscious Childhood Trauma by Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (03:28) Bashar :: The Spectrum of Fear - Highlights by Bashar Channeled by Daryl Anka

    • (04:59) Bashar :: The Five Forms of Abundance - Highlights by Bashar Channeled by Daryl Anka

    • (23:05) Uncertainty (How to Deal with Uncertainty) - Teal Swan-

    • (21:51) Indecision (Decisions and Indecisiveness) - Teal Swan -

  • 27

    Chapter 27: Dealing with Loneliness, Depression and Powerlessness

    • CH27 Dealing with Lonliness Depression and Powerlessness.pdf

    • (59:00) Loneliness: An Epidemic in our Society and Why We Need to Change - Teal Swan Speech London 2018

    • (12:19) The Anatomy of Loneliness - Teal Swan

    • (22:46) Belonging and How to Belong - Teal Swan

  • 28

    Chapter 28: Analyzing Envy and Jealousy: Understanding Comparison and Judgement

    • CH28 Analyzing Jealousy and Envy Dont Judge Me.pdf

    • (19:42) Jealousy and Envy (How To Deal With It) - Teal Swan -

    • (12:59) Abraham Hicks - Cure Jealousy: Fall in Love With You by Channel Travis Eric

    • (15:25) How To Stop Being Jealous - Powerful Techniques To End Jealousy Forever, Ralph Smart Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (15:32) How to Stop Feeling Less Valued Than Other People, Ralph Smart by Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

  • 29

    Chapter 29: The Function of Blame and Resentment- Understanding Guilt and Shame

    • CH29 The Function of Blame Resentment Understanding Guilt Shame.pdf

    • (00:57) Shame - Teal Swan

    • (17:12) How To Overcome Shame -Teal Swan-

    • (20:43) Resentment (How to Let Go of Resentment) - Teal Swan

    • (18:12) Why Your Personality is Fake (Distortion) Teal Swan

    • (56:02) Fragmentation, Self Worth and How to Understand your Shame - Teal Swan Synchronization Workshop

  • 30

    Chapter 30: What is Considered to Be Violence in a Domestic Relationship?

    • CH30 What is Considered Violence in a Domestic Relationship.pdf

    • (09:19) What is domestic violence? Channel,

    • (15:59) Why domestic violence victims don't leave | Leslie Morgan Steiner Channel, TED

    • (21:41) The Hidden Truth About Dysfunctional Relationships - Teal Swan -

    • (22:38) Why You Can't Leave The Relationship (Intermittent Reinforcement) - Teal Swan -

    • (27:48) The Victim Control Dynamic (Escaping Control Drama in Relationships) - Teal Swan -

  • 31

    Chapter 31: Healthy Relationships 101- What is a Healthy Relationship?

    • CH31 Healthy Relationships 101 An Intimate Dynamic.pdf

    • (17:33) How to Attract A Water Relationship Ralph Smart Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (22:58) How to Recognize You're Better With Someone Or Without Them [Coca-Cola Vs. Water] | Ralph Smart Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (35:35) 10 Tips For a Successful Relationship - Teal Swan

    • (18:31) Relationship Advice - The Master Plan For Creating An Amazing Relationship Leo Gura

  • 32

    Chapter 32: Confidence and Leadership- Always Feel Good and Confident

    • CH32 Confidence Leadership Always Feel Good Confident.pdf

    • (18:24) How To Be More Confident - A Step-by-Step Process for Becoming Truly Confident Leo Gura

    • (11:33) How To Be Confident In Any Situation Channel Charisma On Command

    • (13:10) How To Be Confident In Any Situation | Ralph Smart Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (59:00) Super Accelerated Living - 10 Ways to Live as a Powerful Creator - Bentinho Massaro LIVE (2.16.15) Channel Bentinho Massaro


  • 33

    Chapter 33: Public Speaking- Body Language and Charisma

    • CH33 Public Speaking Body Language and Charisma.pdf

    • (08:53) 6 Public Speaking Tips To Hook Any Audience Channel Charisma on Command

    • (05:53) Captivate A Crowd Like Tony Robbins Channel Charisma on Command

    • (11:52) 5 Steps To Influence Like Barack Obama Channel Charisma on Command

    • (06:25) 3 Simple Voice Tweaks To Captivate Anyone by Channel Charisma on Command

    • (11:44) How To Give A Speech When You're So Nervous You CAN'T BREATHE! by The Charisma Matrix

    • (09:47) Charisma Breakdown: How To Be Charismatic In Groups by Channel Charisma on Command

    • (07:12) How To Stop People From Talking Over You by Channel Charisma on Command

  • 34

    Chapter 34: The Art of Integrity- Awareness, Philosophy and Practice

    • CH34 The Art of Integrity Awareness Philosophy Practice.pdf

    • (01:00) Motivational Minute #2 - Integrity by Channel Attitude is Altitude

    • (02:03) Global Values: INTEGRITY by Our New Evolution

    • (08:03) What is Integrity? by Channel Chandler Newby

    • (03:46) "Integrity" || Warren Buffett || by Channel Knowledge Wealth

    • (10:21) Building integrity -- keeping promises: Erick Rainey at TEDxUnionTerrace 2014 by Channel TEDx Talks

    • (13:03) Aligning integrity with identity: Lester Tanaka at TEDxCalicoCanyon by Channel TEDx Talks

    • (17:52) Paving the Path to Integrity, Peace and Happiness | Dr. Bashir Jiwani, PhD | TEDxChilliwack TEDx Talks

    • (04:22) Do The Right Thing, Even When No One Is Watching: It's Called Integrity by Channel Team Fearless

  • 35

    Chapter 35: The Philosophy of Integrity

    • CH35 The Philosophy of Integrity.pdf

    • (08:12) PHILOSOPHY: Immanuel Kant by Channel The School of Life

    • (31:13) Meditations of Marcus Aurelius - SUMMARIZED - (22 Stoic Principles to Live by) by Channel Vox Stoica

    • (10:26) Kant & Categorical Imperatives: Crash Course Philosophy #35 by Channel CrashCourse

    • (12:04) Nietzsche In Twelve Minutes by Channel Eric Dodson

    • (12:50) BE UNSHAKEABLE - Ultimate Stoic Quotes Compilation by Channel Redfrost Motivation

  • 36

    Chapter 36: The Art of Integrity- Practice Makes Perfect

    • CH36 The Art of Integrity Practice Makes Perfect.pdf

    • (01:46) ELAN Explains 'Integrity' by Channel The Impersonal Life

    • (03:20) Speak Your Truth, Even When You're Afraid | Ralph Smart by Channel Infininte Waters (diving deep)

    • (28:31) Empowerment 1.5 - Mastering Integrity by Channel Bentinho Massaro

    • (14:17) Integrity (What Is Integrity and How To Build Integrity) - Teal Swan

    • (15:28) Morality vs. Conscience - Teal Swan -

  • 37

    Chapter 37: Stress and Anxiety- Managing Your Physical and Mental Health

    • CH37 Stress and Anxiety Managing Physical Mental Health.pdf

    • (18:23) How to Stop Your Overwhelming Feelings of Stress And Discover Amazing Peace by Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (15:55) How to Reduce Stress This Month - (Unbelievable!) Do This... Stress Free Secrets! by Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (04:30) “Why you Wake Up with Anxiety and Nobody Understands You” | Ralph Smart by Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (22:56) Stress Management - Permanent Solutions For Stress Reduction Leo Gura

    • (17:35) How To Relieve Stress - Scientifically Proven Stress Relief Techniques Leo Gura

  • 38

    Chapter 38: Diet and Nutrition for Optimal Physical and Mental Health

    • CH38 Diet and Nutrition for Optimal Physical Mental Health.pdf

    • (15:11) ▹Best of Abraham Hicks 2019 - Eating Habits & Cravings by Channel Abraham-Hicks Podcasts Official

    • (13:16) HOW TO EAT TO HEAL | Ralph Smart Diet by Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (12:34) Ralph Smart Diet - 7 Foods to NEVER Eat by Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (16:33) Eating once a day... Why I do it, and what I eat. Ralph Smart by Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (02:53) How Medical Medium Anthony William's Top 5 Foods to Change Your Life by Channel Extra TV

    • (10:01) Medical Medium Anthony William on the Dos and Don’ts of Celery Juice by Channel Extra TV

    • (20:12) 273: Medical Medium Anthony William On Life Changing Foods, Celery Juice & Advanced Healing by Channel Melissa Ambrosini

  • 39

    Chapter 39: Excercise and the Strong Mind, Strong Body Connection

    • CH39 Exercise and the Strong Mind Strong Body Connection.pdf

    • (39:34) Yin Yoga Without Props - Full Body Yin Yoga for Beginners by Channel Yoga with Cassandra

    • (20:17) Yoga To Shift Perspective | 20 Minute Yoga Flow | Yoga With Adriene by Channel Yoga with Adriene

    • (24:48) Tai Chi Step by Step For Beginners Training Session 1 by Channel Master Song Kung Fu

  • 40

    Chapter 40: Reprogram Your Mindset for Ultimate Success

    • CH40 Reprogram Your Mindset For Ultimate Success in Life.pdf

    • (11:40) Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza by Motivation Madness

    • (11:12) Dr. Bruce Lipton Explains How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind by Channel Fearless Soul

    • (13:27) "I Can Teach You How to Program The Subconscious Mind" - Dr. Bruce Lipton - An Eye Opening Speech by Channel Success Archive

    • (19:15) Why Repetition is Necessary When Changing Paradigms - Bob Proctor by Channel Proctor Gallagher Institute

    • (03:03) The Ultimate Motivation Ralph Smart by Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (04:17) Try Watching This Video Without Feeling Inspired Ralph Smart by Channel Infinite Waters (diving deep)

    • (28:57) IT'S TIME TO GET OVER IT! - Powerful Motivational Speech for Success - Les Brown Motivation by Channel Motivation Hub


  • 41

    Chapter 41: Self-love and Worthiness- You Can Only Love Another to the Extent You Love Yourself.



    • (09:18) Teal Swan - self-love exercise. Why we don't love ourselves?

    • (13:44) Aaron Doughty 3 Powerful Ways to Love Yourself INSTANTLY (100%)

    • (15:08) Abraham-Hicks: How to Feel Worthy

    • (17:40) Narcissism - Teal Swan

  • 42

    Chapter 42: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the New IQ!


    • (05:28) What is Emotional Intelligence? By The School of Life

    • (10:28) IQ vs EQ (Emotional Intelligence) - Daniel Goleman EQ Book Summary

    • (12:14) Emotional Intelligence: Using the Laws of Attraction, D. Ivan Young

    • (08:14) How to Master Your Emotions by Freedom of Thought

    • (16:15) Emotional Intelligence - Why Your EQ Is More Important Than Your IQ by

    • Lesson 6: (13:25) How To Train Your Mind To Be Stronger Than Your Feelings | Ralph Smart


  • 43

    Chapter 43: Domestic Dating Violence Awareness and Intervention

    • Welcome to, a global movement of millions of young people making positive change, online and off! The 11 facts you want are below, and the sources for the facts are at the very bottom of the page. After you learn something, Do Some

    • (10:00) Preventing Teen Dating Violence from the Inside Out | Briana Neben | TEDxCarsonCity by TEDx Channel

    • (10:56) End the Cycle of Dating and Domestic Abuse | BYU–Hawaii Title IX by BYU–Hawaii Channel

    • (09:15) Brainwashing in Domestic Violence by It Stops Here Channel

    • (05:00) 'What I See' - A Domestic Violence Short Film by Sutherland Shire Family Services Channel

    • (08:40) 7 Tactics of Brainwashing Abusers by Mary Jo Rapini Channel

    • (05:37) Teen Dating Violence by Byng Tv Channel

  • 44

    Chapter 44: Hypnosis and Hypno-processes Online to Heal Anger and Rage

    • Anger Management: Learn to control your anger with self hypnosis! Do you lose your temper easily or find it difficult to let go of frustrations? Have you ever found yourself reacting out of anger in a way that you later regretted?

    • How Hypnosis Can Help Anger Management: Anger is a trance state, so hypnosis is an ideal way to tackle it. Why hypnosis is an ideal way to take control of anger Anger Management Hypnosis is an audio session developed by psychologists...

    • (45:00) STOP getting ANGRY Sleep Hypnosis ★ Hypnosis for Anger Remix by Progressive Hypnosis

    • (23:16) Guided meditation Release Anger & letting go hypnosis for negativity by Meditation Vacation

  • 45

    Chapter 45: Meditation as an Anger Management Technique

    • Meditation made easy and effective Dedicated & experienced guides will practice with you step by step how to meditate. Let go of the pictures with a guided visualization technique to release thoughts & emotions that are stored. Train your brain...

    • Meditate to Reduce Angry Feelings: The benefits of meditation for anxiety and stress include reducing physical discomfort, putting things into perspective to make better decision and coping with difficult situations.

    • (19:15) GUIDED MEDITATION - Releasing Anger by The Honest Guys - Meditations - Relaxation Channel

    • (20:08) Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Dealing with Anger (20 Minutes) by MindfulPeace

    • (18:32) How to Calm Your Angry Temper And Find Peace, Ralph Smart by Infinite Waters (diving deep) Channel

  • 46

    Chapter 46: Mindfulness and Anger Management

    • BEYOND ANGER MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES — THE REAL CAUSES FOR ANGER AND HOW WE CAN ELIMINATE (NOT JUST MANAGE) IT Anger is one of the most divisive and destructive forces on the planet. Anger is the fuel of every conflict and even every war...

    • How to Use Mindfulness to Cope with Anger: Anger can be healthy if the emotion is controlled and used sparingly. Mindfulness can help cool the unwanted, unhealthy anger. When is anger helpful? Healthy anger is good if you’re being treated unfairly...

    • (17:21) Anger Is Your Ally: A Mindful Approach to Anger | Juna Mustad | TEDxWabashCollege by TEDx Talks

    • (10:54) 10 Minute Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Anger by Declutter The Mind Channel

    • (20:08) Guided Mindfulness Meditation on Dealing with Anger (20 Minutes) by MindfulPeace

  • 47

    Chapter 47: General Anger Management Techniques to Heal Anger

    • 10 Anger Management Tips To Help You Control Your Anger: Do You Have Anger Issues? You Can Manage Your Anger With Guidance Figure Out Why You're Angry.

    • 11 Anger Management Strategies to Help You Calm Down: Before you spring into action to calm yourself down, ask yourself if your anger is a friend or an enemy. Are you witnessing someone’s rights being violated or you are in an unhealthy situation?

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  • 48

    Chapter 48: Empowerment and Taking Responsibility For Your Life

    • “When you don’t take responsibility, when you blame others, circumstances, fate or chance, you give away your power. When you take and retain full responsibility – you keep your life’s reins in your own hands”. – Jeff Olson

    • (03:56) Bashar :: The Seven Neutral Needs - Highlights - Understanding Wants and Needs - You only need to remember: It doesn't matter what happens; it only matters what you do with what happens.

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    • (07:41) Being Present In Relationships by Eckhart Tolle Channel

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    • (20:50) Potential: Jordan Peterson TEDxUofT by TEDx Channel