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eCourse for Court or Probation

Take this 100% online evidence based eCourse if you were ordered by a Judge or Court System Official to enroll in rehabilitation education. This course includes a proof of enrollment and a certificate of completion. 

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Health Psychologist

Valerie Catt Joglar

Valerie Catt is a certified master mental health psychologist and a rehabilitation impact education coach with an advanced degree certificate in health and wellness coaching and rehabilitation education. Val has been creating online course curriculum since 2012 and has extensive experience in court mandated education services including elearning courses and impact coaching curriculum.

eCourse Curriculum

This course dives into the understanding of community living and societal laws and agreements voted into practice as a best course of action to keep communities peaceful & safe.

  • 1

    Chapter 1: Curfew Law Violation Awareness and Education

    • Curfew Laws Curfew laws prohibit or limit your right to be out in public at certain times. They are intended to maintain a certain level of order and safety in public spaces. Most curfew laws apply only to juveniles under the age of 18.

    • ARE CURFEWS LEGAL? LEGAL CONSEQUENCES OF BREAKING CURFEW: One of the things that make the United States the greatest nation on earth is the Constitution. It protects the fundamental rights and liberties of the citizens.

    • How Serious an Offense Is Curfew Violation? Juvenile curfew laws exist to keep young people out of harm’s way and to deter them from criminal activity. Most curfew laws exist at the local level, and lawmakers determine them based on community preferences.

    • Juvenile Curfew Laws: When children, particularly teenagers, congregate in large groups, it tends to make adults nervous. It's also the cause of many curfew laws and ordinances that restrict juveniles from being in public places at certain hours.

    • (06:45) Protesters peacefully arrested for violating curfew by Channel KARE 11

    • (06:06) Are Curfew Laws and Regulations Constitutional? It depends. 1st Amd: Freedom of Speech and Assembly by Lawstache Law Firm

    • (03:50) Dozens of juveniles detained for violating curfew by Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit

    • (02:50) Teens discuss Bibb curfew law by Channel 13 WMAZ

    • (01:19) Police release curfew violation statistics by Channel KMBC 9

    • (08:05) To reduce chronic school absences, Cleveland focuses on positive family support by Channel PBS NewsHour

    • (02:06) Curfew Sweep - 2009-05-12 by Channel Orange County Register


  • 2

    Chapter 2: Decision Making and Impulse Control Theory and Practice


    • (16:52) Bob Proctor - Why Is Success Slipping Through Your Fingers by the SGR Program Bob Proctor

    • (10:18) How To Master & Control Your Emotions by Ralph Smart

    • (22:09) Self Control - How To Develop Self-Control To Create An Amazing Life by Leo Gura

    • (16:50) How to Recognize You're Making Decisions With Your Ego by Ralph Smart

    • (12:55) Marcus Aurelius – How To Build Self Discipline (Stoicism) by Philosophies for Life

    • QUIZ: Behavior Modification Decision Making Impulse Control

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Philosophy of Behavior Modification


    • (05:54) Plato's Crito: Socrates' 3 Rules for Ethical Thinking by The Philosophical Life

    • (10:06) Napoleon Hill - Setting Goals, Behavior Change by Matt Zavadil

    • (05:24) PHILOSOPHY – Epicurus by The School of Life

    • (10:27) Marcus Aurelius: Meditations (Animated) by Eudaimonia

    • (42:00) Marcus Aurelius-Best Lecture on Stoicism EVER! (full Virtual University lesson) by Dual by Nature

  • 4

    Chapter 4: EQ Emotional Intelligence and IQ Intelligence Quotient


    • (05:28) What is Emotional Intelligence? By The School of Life

    • (10:28) IQ vs EQ (Emotional Intelligence) - Daniel Goleman EQ Book Summary

    • (12:14) Emotional Intelligence: Using the Laws of Attraction, D. Ivan Young

    • (08:14) How to Master Your Emotions by Freedom of Thought

    • (16:15) Emotional Intelligence - Why Your EQ Is More Important Than Your IQ by

    • (13:25) How To Train Your Mind To Be Stronger Than Your Feelings | Ralph Smart

    • (18:15) TYRESE GIBSON: I LOVE YOU --I REPEAT-- I LOVE YOU by National Court Ordered Education Institute